Courses Under QIBA Professional Year Program

The professional Year Programs are introduced by the Government of Australia in association with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia and approved by the Department of Education and Training Australia. They are introduced in order to meet the requirement of skilled professionals in the industry and to produce better working opportunities for the foreign students in Australia. There are mainly four types of professional year programs namely Engineering, Accounting, IT Professional and NAATI course for language translator. The Professional Year Program is conducted by various government approved private institutions who offer the complete training services to students of this program. QIBA is one such educational institution. We will now look at what QIBA is and the courses under it.

What is QIBA?

QIBA stands for Queensland International Business Academy. It is a registered training organization specializing in Business, Professional Year Programs in Accounting, Computer Science and Engineering, ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) and University Pathway Programs.

QIBA is the meeting place for international students from various countries and native Australian students who prepare for a prosperous career in the advanced business community. QIBA was established in Sydney and has its office in Sydney and Parramatta. It is accredited by the ACPET (Australian Council for Privet Education and Training) and is a member of Australian Computer Society. It aims to provide quality education and training to students in becoming an industry ready professional and getting a good job in the industry.

What is QIBA Professional Year Program?

QIBA Professional Year Program combines both formal face to face classroom learning and industrial expertise to help international graduates in the transition from university to employment. The effective completion of the program additionally provides eligibility to apply for five migration points towards permanent residency with DIBP.

The Professional Year Program is a minimum 44 week program including an internship of 12 weeks; is approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and managed by the various approved training organizations like QIBA. Over this period of 44 weeks, students of the program will receive the knowledge of relevant course,learn workplace skills andlearn about Australian workplace ethics, norms and workplace culture.

The internship element of the Professional Year Program provides a beneficial chance for graduates to implement the learned theory into practical experience.

Courses under QIBA Professional Year Program

QIBA provides training under various programs. Under the Professional Year Program category, QIBA offers three courses in accounting, engineering and IT. The courses are:

  • Accounting SMIPA: Accounting Professional Year Program or Accounting SMIPA (Skilled Migrant Internship Program in Accounting) is the name of the accounting professional year program developed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants for learning professional accounting.
  • Engineering: Engineering Professional Year Program is developed by the Engineering Education Australia to endow international students of Australian Universities with the necessary skills and experience for a successful career in engineering.
  • IT PYP: Information Technology Professional Year Program is developed by the Australian Computer Society and aims to provide the international students the required skills and knowledge for starting a career in the IT industry.

How to enrol in QIBA PYP?

If you want to learn any of the above programs from QIBA, you can contact Professional Year Program. They will guide you and answer all your queries related to the QIBA Professional Year Program. For any information, contact Professional Year Program.

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