5 Not-To-Do Things You Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home is not an easy task to do without professional help. Unfortunately, finding an expert professional organiser would cost you a hefty amount. Want to declutter your home in Brisbane professionally without spending the high professional price? If so, this blog has all the information you would need to fulfil the desire. Instead of the usual to-do tips on decluttering, we have brought you the top not-to-do steps when you declutter your home.

Declutter Your Home

  • Make space before you BUY: Going out and buying a lot of storage items is not a sign of good organiser. You need to sort out things before you decide to purchase new items in your house. Make space by organising the existing things to accommodate the storage pieces, decorative or any other item you want to purchase. Make sure the items you buy fit in the space perfectly without making it overcrowded and congested. It makes no sense to fill your house with beautiful decorative or pretty bins that leaves no space for the occupants to walk around. So plan then purchase!


  • Take it slow, don’t RUSH: Remember, you are not a professional organiser who can continue working for hours with the same spirit and efficiency. You need not rush for cleaning the mess around the entire house in a single day. Rather than working your 8-9 hours straight losing the progress towards the end, spend 2-3 hours focusing a single areas in a day. It will keep you motivated to continue with the work next day. Store your energy for the other areas by avoiding working on the entire house at a time.


  • Complete an area perfectly: First of all, sort a systematic step-wise process to declutter your home. When you pick an area, manage things to be organised, disposed, donated or recycled. Breaking the process into specific categories helps you get perfection in the job. Do not leave things for later. If you have decided to give away stuff to a friend or family member, do it right away. Take your bags, fill in the things and get going. If you have a pile of things to dispose, make sure they are into the bin as soon as you are done with organising the room. The ones need to be recycled should be gathered together immediately. When you invest that amount of energy and time in organising your home, why delay clearing the mess completely – just do it!


  • Narrow your expectations: Once you are done with decluttering your home completely, don’t think that you are done with it forever. You will feel depressed when you need to get started with the process again after a month’s time. See, you first need to understand that your home is an area managed by real human and not monitorised systems. Things will go a bit messy when used often. Accept the fact that decluttering is a regular task you’ll have to perform to keep your home organised. Do not make perfection you goal, rather make efforts to create a space, perfect for your use.


  • Do not consider it a one time job: When you are done with the decluttering task, be happy that you have managed to work like a home organiser in Brisbane. By no chance take it as an activity undertaken once in a lifetime. Instead of over-expecting, realise that you have got a new efficient system in your house. This system would help manage the incoming and outgoing items, better than the way you did with the old one.


Decluttering your home is a much needed activity one should carry out quarterly or monthly, in a home with kids. Declutter your home on a regular basis professionally or call an expert for the job. There are some home improvement projects you shouldn’t try yourself, and ask an expert to do that.

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