Three tips to keep car tyres fit during vacation

Tyres are the only vehicle component that touches the ground. Not only they are carrying the weight of vehicle body and passengers, but they are also responsible for keeping it moving. Regular tire care is essential to ensure safety during driving.

Sadly, many drivers ignore taking care of them without realising the fact that damaged tires can even risk their lives. The easiest way to keep them in good condition is to keep them aligned and maintain the right pressure.

Nowadays people prefer using their cars not only for the regular commute but also for holiday tripping. In fact, personal vehicles become a preferred option during the holiday. To avoid problems during holiday tripping; auto experts recommend scheduling checkup.

No matter how regularly you are inspecting your vehicle, you should not forget checking it thoroughly before hitting the road. Here I am sharing a bunch of car tyre care tips, which will help you to keep them in good condition and enable you to avoid expensive replacements and excessive fuel consumption.

Review tread-wear indicators

You must have seen neat little rows on the surface of new tires. These small lines are engraved between the treads. They are the indicator of wear. You can’t feel them with fingers on new and lesser used pair. You don’t need to visit a mechanic shop for checking it. Instead, you can check it with the help of a coin. Insert a penny between the tread in an upward direction. If you can see the president head upside down or you find an overall uneven wear, don’t delay to replace the whole pair or at least the specific piece with a new one.

Get wheels aligned

Whether it’s a newly installed pair of Falken tyres or a pair you have already used for several months, don’t forget to check wheel alignment. Misalignment can make driving annoying. Especially driving on long routes, poorly aligned tires and wheels cause vibration and wobbling. If left untreated, it will start damaging your vehicle. Soon brakes, steering, sensors and other parts began losing their functionality. Repeat alignment at a mechanic shop to enjoy faster and smoother ride on long routes.

Keep observing the pressure

Maintaining accurate pressure is mandatory for a pleasant ride. Whether you are driving on the smooth highway or a bumpy of the road track, you will need to check the pressure on regular basis. Carry a pressure gauge for your convenience as you may need to check pressure every time before start driving when the rubber is cold and after drive when it is heated. You can’t turn safely either with under-inflation and over-inflation. Temperature fluctuations are the primary cause of pressure related problems. To tackle inflation and deflation due to temperature variations in mountainous areas, you should keep an emergency tire inflator.

People living in hot, arid areas often deflate vehicle tyres to avoid over inflation. Though underinflated tires prevent over-inflation, it increases the risk of bursting in summer and reduces total gas mileage. Use of nitrogen instead of air is the best way to avoid pressure issues during hot weather.

Endnote: Don’t forget to keep an extra pair of car tyre while going on a vacation trip to handle punctured and blowouts.


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